Youth Protection

Safe Environment Program

Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend

Youth Protection Program   

We at the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, its parishes, schools, departments and related institutions thank you for your offer of service on behalf of our diocese.  We work to bring the message of Christ and his healing presence to everyone.  We are devoted to the missions of Jesus Christ and to the treatment of every single person, especially our beloved young, with dignity and in the spirit of the Gospel of Christ.

Education and Training Procedures for Adults

  • All priests, deacons, employees, and volunteers (who have contact with children or young people in their volunteer responsibilities) MUST participate in the Safe Environment Education Program.
  • The volunteer must read the Policies Manual of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Inc. for Volunteer Personnel and complete all the necessary paperwork and education training BEFORE they are allowed to begin his/her volunteer responsibilities.
  • No person is allowed to volunteer in any capacity until they have completed and submitted all necessary forms AND have been notified by the Parish Office that their certification has been granted.

Use the following guide as a checklist to insure that you have completed all necessary steps in the process.  A packet of all necessary forms in relation to our Youth Protection Volunteer Certification is available upon request at our Parish Office; or use the downloadable links located here.

Part 1:  The Background Check

  • I have requested to serve as a volunteer at Queen of Peace Parish/School and have submitted my email address for the background check.   Submit Request Here
  • I have followed the link to Barada Associates and clicked on the "basic package".  I completed the online form (call our Parish office at 255-9674 if you experience any difficulty).
  • I have received confirmation from Barada Associates that my online authorization for the Background Check has been completed successfully (usually within 24 hrs).

Part 2:  The Volunteer Application

  • I have completed both sides of the Volunteer Application and included my signature.

Part 3:  The Youth Protection Education Video

  • I have watched the Youth Protection Video, located at the diocesan website
  • I have signed the Verification of Viewing Video form in my packet or downloaded here

Part 4:  The Volunteer Manual

  • I have received the Volunteer Manual in my packet or have read/downloaded it here
  • I have signed the Receipt of Receiving the Volunteer Manual Form (last page of manual or printed off here

Part 5:  Completing the Process

After completing parts 1 - 4, please turn in all the completed forms to the Parish Office:

  1. Volunteer Application
  2. Verification of Viewing Video
  3. Receipt of Receiving the Volunteer Manual
  4. Copy of photo ID (front of driver's license)

Unless otherwise notified, the Volunteer Certification Process is now complete & you are ready to start serving in our school and parish.  You will be asked to renew your certification every 5 years.



Certification Process Links & Forms


 Volunteer Application (2 pgs) form

 Safe Environment Video

 Verification of Viewing the Video form

 Volunteer and Social Media Policies Manual

 Receipt of Receiving the Volunteer and Social Media Policies Manual

  1. Turn in all of the follwing to the parish office:
  • Volunteer Application
  • Copy of Driver's License
  • Verification of Viewing Video
  • Receipt of Policies Manual

Questions?  Please contact the Parish Office at 255-9674 and we will be glad to help.